Final Projects (video)

‘Betwixt’ by Sam Browne, 2015

‘MegaMech Ultimate Mayhem’ by Xian Chua, 2015

‘Keyframe’ by Kai McGilligan Oliver, 2015

‘Filly the Kid’ by Ellie Silkstone, 2015

‘VOCAL’ by Paul Dillon, 2014

‘Hindsight’ by Jon Hatton, 2014

’11 Days to Save the World’ by Darren Neville, 2014

‘Pixel Ripped’ (formerly known as ‘Pixel Rift’) by Ana Ribeiro, 2014

‘Spirit Guides’ by Andrew Smith, 2014

‘Sandman’ by Albert Bentall, 2013

‘Off Grid’ by Rich Metson & Pontus Schonberg, 2013

‘4 PM’ by Bojan Brbora, 2013


‘Voice of the Silent land’ by Xander MacLeod, 2013

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