Alan is freelance game developer, programmer and author with over 12 years of industry experience. He’s the founder of game studio ‘Wax Lyrical Games’ and the creator of the award-winning game ‘Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok’. The author of fourteen books on game development, including ‘Unity 4 Fundamentals’, ‘Practical Game Development with Unity and Blender’ and ‘Pro Unity Game Development with C#’.

Alan has worked freelance on over 500 projects including games, simulators, kiosks, serious games and augmented reality software for game studios, museums and theme parks worldwide. Game development educator and frequent contributor at video-training service

Alan took the role of NFTS Head of Games in 2017.



Tony at EGXcrop

Tony is an MA Film graduate who specialised in script development. Tony also brings an experience of Arts administration to the department.

As the curriculum coordinator for the MA Games Design and Development course, he is responsible for student schedules, event organisation, social media and everything else in between. So, everything you read on Twitter, Facebook, see on Instagram and almost everything on this website (including this bio) are written by him! Tony is your first point of contact with questions or queries regarding the course.

Outside of work, Tony is (still) applying the finishing touches to his first novel and making plans for the next one. He is the producer of Cupboard Games‘s exciting new project and now has considerably less hair than the image shown.



Regular Visiting Tutors 2016.



Sion Lenton is the owner of Cugat Productions Ltd and has worked in the Games industry for over fifteen years, with ten of those in a management capacity. A highly motivated individual, with a proven track record of leading large and small teams, Sion specialises in Project and Task Management. His passion for games is balanced with knowledge of the real commercial needs of modern software development.

Sion is as comfortable being involved in creating the scope as he is planning and executing it. His most recent position was as Studio Manager at Sega of Europe. There, his primary role was managing and maintaining a successful digital development environment for a mobile development team. Previous roles included Executive Producer, then Creative Director for the Operation Flashpoint franchise at Codemasters Studio.



Ted is an artist/illustrator and writer with 20 years experience working in film and animation for great companies like The Imaginarium Studios, Aardman Animations and Lucasfilm. He creates images for film and print using traditional and digital mediums and work with local, national & international clients.

Ted is an experienced film and animation artist with extensive experience in character / creature design, modelling and rigging. He is highly skilled in traditional art mediums with a detailed understanding of human anatomy. Combines creativity with passion and strong organizational skills to deliver high quality work on time and on budget. Ted has vast experience using Maya, Mudbox, ZBrush, Photoshop, Pens, Pencils and Paint

Ted specialises in Visual Development, Concept art, sculpting, modelling, texturing, rigging and pipeline development

Previous NFTS Games teaching staff

JON WEINBREN FRSA – Former head of Games 


Jon was formerly head of postgraduate programmes in digital games design and animation at the University for the Creative Arts, and creative director of Imaginary Productions. He has nearly twenty years’ experience across computer games, interactive media, film and broadcast television as a writer, producer/director, game designer, creative director, educator and consultant. Jon has worked in senior creative capacities on projects with the BBC, Channel 4, Science Museum, Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and numerous others. He is a serving Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and was formerly a director of the London Games Festival and a founder and curator of the London Games Fringe.

Jon can be credited with starting the MA Games Design and Development course in 2012, laying the foundations and growing it into what it is today.


Richard is a programmer from Oxford, UK. He worked for Rebellion and NaturalMotion, and received DirectX MVP status from Microsoft a few times, but you might know him from, where he was webmaster and a prolific forum poster for several years. These days he’s running his own consultancy, The Binary Refinery, and working on an as-yet-unannounced Unity3D title. 



Andrew teaches C# programming on the course. Throughout Andrew’s 20+ years in video game development he has focused on game mechanics development, team leadership and project management utilising his skills and knowledge to mould projects so that they can generate the greatest revenue for the company.

Andrew has worked with computers since first discovering them at the age of 11. He followed his passion for software and hardware through school, university (to PhD level) and into my career as a video game developer.

Andrew is an active member of the Computing at Schools workgroup, where he have developed an educational user manual for the Raspberry Pi computer in conjunction with the Raspberry Pi Foundation.



With over 15 years of experience in the animation industry Asa started his career working as freelance animator/rigger at various animation and post production studios around the UK and London. As a freelance animator he has worked on music videos for “The Gorillaz” and “Coldplay” for Passion pictures, feature films – “Prince Caspian” at MPC and Harry Potter VII at Base Black. He has also worked on many award winning commercials projects at Trunk, Nexus productions and Picasso Pictures.

In 2009 Asa founded Keyframe Studios – a full service, creative boutique style studio which specialize in 3D Character CGI production and animation for television commercials, titles, computer game trailers and TV series.



BAFTA Award winning Audio Director Adele Cutting trained at the National Film and Television School (NFTS) and worked in film post production before moving into the games industry in the mid-nineties, taking on an in-house role at Electronic Arts. After working on several of the company’s key titles and franchises, she worked her way up to the position of Senior Audio Director in 2006 and, in 2011, after fifteen years at the company, Adele decided to form her own Audio Production company, SoundCuts.

SoundCuts’ many clients have included Microsoft, Gamesys and Pottermore and as well as ongoing work in film, the company is currently engaged in projects across many key gaming platforms – ranging from mobile, iOS and Playstation 4 titles through to interactive books and media.

Adele’s many game credits include Dungeon Keeper 2, Theme Park World, F1, the Harry Potter franchise and Sim City. She has been a regular juror at the BAFTA Games Awards and in recent times has served as a judge at the the prestigious MAS (Music and Sound) Awards. She also lectures in Game Sound at the NFTS and other Universities.




John was recently Motion capture and voice Director on the latest James Bond game 007 Legends with Eurocom, for Publisher Activision & Eon Productions. John has worked with Creative Director Ryan Payton at Seattle based Camouflaj Game studio and directed Performance Capture at House of Moves studio in Los Angeles for a demo of the new game Republique. John directed several scenes on Wondermind, a new interactive video exploring neuroscience for Tate Kids with Preloaded Games Studio.

Jon worked with Lionhead Studios and Lead Designer Peter Molyneux, where he was embedded in the story and animation departments as director on a radical game project Milo & Kate for the Xbox 360 kinect, directing motion capture shoots, animation and voice performances. The game was announced at E3 to great  excitement in 2009. He also directed the drama sequences for all 8 episodes of the interactive web based drama Signs of Life, an astrological thriller, with Endemol, for the BBC.

John has recently teamed up with Motion Capture performers Oliver Hollis-Leick and Gareth Taylor to form The Mocap Vaults, dedicated to inspire and inform those working in or wishing to work in this exciting sector. Workshops are expanding and have been held in London, Shepperton, Los Angles & Stuttgart.

Most recently Jon has been directing episides of ‘Wolfblood’ for CBBC.


Mark is a technically minded videogame audio designer with a background in music production and linear sound design. He has over fifteen years of experience working in sound, and has headed up audio on a number of projects, including the BAFTA winning Alien: Isolation.  Over the years Mark has worked on a dozen video game titles for companies such as EA, Sega and Microsoft.

Mark is a passionate advocate for interactive audio, both in terms of achieving cinema quality soundtracks and also surpassing what is possible in linear mediums.  He believes that the best results are achieved through a combination of constant technical innovation and an ear for the highest quality sound effects.




Pamela Golden is an American artist who has lived in London since 1989.  Over the past thirty years,  Golden’s work has successfully reached an international audience showcased in over thirty solo exhibitions in both North America and Europe. In result, her work can be found in prominent private and public collections around the world. Most recently, she exhibited a solo show in Lisbon (April 2013) consisting of a series of paintings representing art auctions relating to both commercial and activity and the cultural icons which inform our aesthetics of value.

In recent years, she has received several awards and commissions such as a grant through the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, 2012, as well as the public prize from the Sovereign European Art Prize, 2008, and a residency at Le Recollets, Paris, 2008.  During the residency at Le Recollets, she collaborated with a hip-hop crew to recreate Dr. Charcot’s (the noteworthy doctor who coined the term Hysteria) notes with his patients. This project ties in a theme throughout her work bringing history into a contemporary social context.

In the upcoming year she will have a publication in the September issue of Flash 500 and will also be presenting a solo exhibition at Marlborough Contemporary (London).




A CG / VFX Supervisor with 15 years industry experience creating award winning commercials and short films across a wide variety of media including CG, live action, stop-motion and interactive. As a departmental manager he has exceptional leadership and communication skills, and has a proven track record in building and growing departments.

Ben specialises in VFX Supervision, Production Planning, lighting, onset supervision, Art Direction, Layout and Previz.