by Blaise Imiolczyk

Polyphonia is a psychedelic hands on virtual reality experience utilising motion controllers.

It is a meditative exploration into the manipulation of environment and sound that gives the player the chance to experience the evolutionary story of a universe through several stages in which they can grab the surrounding objects and manipulate them which changes the sound within.

Drawing its inspiration from science and modern art, the experience follows the evolution of a universe from its birth with the big bang right through to its death.

It is intended for release on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PS VR and Xbox VR.

I’m yet to really be impressed by the musical genre within VR, but Polyphonia invited a welcome sense of playfulness and experimentation that made me feel like I was creating my own existence’

Jamie Feltham Upload VR

Current state

The project is currently at one working level of the whole experience with other levels at conceptual stage. It has built in working interactions and controls with a defined art style, the project is almost ready from technical standpoint but we are looking for funding to increase the content into 5 new levels creating 6 levels in total.

The future for Polyphonia

We would like to create 6 high quality short playing levels that in total would collate to a 25-30 minute playing time. The project would in time become more immersive and experiential and have an extensive audio production individual to each level spanning the whole 6 levels


By the end of the year we would like to have all six levels fully designed with visuals and a corresponding sound concept and to have an art style and colour pallet made for the whole experience. Two of them will be ready.

We are looking for funding to create those five extra high quality levels with stronger visuals and sound with better mechanics and also to build on the level already created. Once funded and on the path to development the aim would be making Polyphonia available on many different platforms.

About the creator

Polyphonia is the brain child of Blaise Imiolczyk a games designer hailing from Poland. After finishing high school Blaise started an undergraduate computer science degree at Jagiellonian University in Poland. But after only a year he realised that it just wasn’t for him and he moved to UK to finish his degree in Games Development instead at Buckinghamshire New University. After find a flare for Games Development he also worked as freelance graphic designer. Blaise is now studying for his MA in Games Design Development at the National Film and Television School. Besides working in games world Blaise is also a keen circus street performer but who is currently teaching others rather than performing.