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Albert Bentall yr2ALBERT BENTALL

Albert got his start in the games industry as a tester at both Sega and then at EA. Prior to that Albert trained for three years as a theatre director at the prestigious Drama Centre London. He then went on to work in film and television in various capacities before deciding to make the move in to video games.

Albert’s experiences in the publishing end of the industry helped direct him towards the Games Design and Development MA at the NFTS where he hopes to develop his technical and artistic skills and make a future for himself as a leading independent games developer.

The Sandman Project is being developed by several students at the National Film and Television School. Development is being led by Albert Bentall.

Since graduating, a team led by Albert has received funding by the Wellcome Trust to develop a game based on their forensic library. Also, Albert was approached by Sony during our graduation show. A few days later he was offered a job. He is currently working on projects with them.





“I have a passion for Film and Interactive media of all types, hence I have devoted my life to creating and working in those areas. I got into photography and filmmaking first, going on to do a BA in Cinematography in Belgrade, Serbia and working for a couple of years in the field, then went on to an MA in Game Design and Development at the National Film & Television School in the UK.

I have great experience in both of the media and think they have overlapping points, thus can work well together.”

For his final project Bojan created ‘4PM’, an interactive, dramatic storytelling experience for the PC and Mac which featured high production values and cinematic art direction, with gameplay choices that affect how the day and game ends. Since graduation, Bojan was able to complete the project and release it through Steam.

His current project, working in partnership with the Wellcome Trust, is ‘Criminel’; an exciting, 19th century based investigation game is available now on the iPad.



A man of mystery.







Richard 1_crRICH METSON

“I’ve been working in the visual arts for 7 years, having started out my career working for 3 years as a sculptor and metalworker, casting bronze for some of the biggest names in the art world. I then transferred my traditional art knowledge into the digital realm and transitioned into 3d modelling and animation. I worked for another two years as a freelance CG artist for some of the top ad agencies and post houses in Soho, London.

Over the last two years, two colleagues and I established Onwards, a small community interest company that produces design, animation, and interactive materials for charities, social causes and businesses with conscience. Some of our clients have included Lush Cosmetics, Greenpeace, and The New Economics Foundation, as well as developing our own IP. Check out some of our work here:

Outside of this I have been developing apps, games, and original IP as an ‘Indie’ or ‘Boutique’ Game Developer.”

Rich worked in partnership with Pontus Schonberg on the project ‘Off Grid’, a satirical blend of action and stealth with a contemporary storyline which follows the real-world events surrounding data privacy. Since graduating Rich and Pontus have continued working together on the project, founding Semaeopus Ltd and hope for a late 2015 release.



Richard Cridford studied Computer Science with Games Development at the University of Hull as an Undergraduate. Currently he’s a Masters Student at the National Film and Television School this time Studying Games Design. Between those two events he worked at a Cinema as an Usher, Projectionist and later Manager -> thanks to those experiences he has many stories illustrating the best and worst in humanity.

One of Richard’s ambitions was to play Duke Nukem Forever while listening to Chinese Democracy by Guns n Roses. After an insanely long gestation period both products were complete and having achieved this ambition Richard felt it was time to make a game that had absolutely nothing to do with anything you just read in the previous paragraph.

Richard developed a Theme park management Romantic Comedy for iPad called ‘Starrworld’ as his graduation project.



163699_178830338801402_100000233123245_550313_6405979_nXANDER McLEOD

Originally, Xander’s academic background was in Philosophy and Animation. From there he went on to do freelance level design and animation work for various small independent games companies and was an active part of the mod community.

Eventually, it was Xander’s passion for storytelling and his desire to get more hands on with creating game mechanics that led Xander to the Games Design and Development MA course here at the NFTS. Eventually, Xander hopes to set up his own independent studio working on IP that really pushes the envelope on ‘character driven’ experiences.

Xander’s graduation project was ‘Voice of the Silent Land’ described as “an epic, beautiful action title for iOS and Android devices about a woman fighting gigantic creatures to be with her son.” 

Xander is currently working at Reloaded Productions (APB Reloaded & Hawken) as a QA Tester.


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