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Ana graduated with a degree in Psychology and did a foundation year in Games Programming before starting at the NFTS. She was also a Counter Strike professional player in competitions back in her home country of Brazil.

Upon graduating the Games course Ana aims to build a team to work together developing indie games at “Game Is Never Over” – her future Games company and continue work on her graduation project ‘Pixel Rift.
@Anagamedev / @PixelRiftgame 

WebsitePicture1ANDREW SMITH

Andrew is a Mathematics undergraduate from the University of Hertfordshire, and has a keen interest in most areas relating to this.

Contrastingly, he has also had a variety of experience in the world of theatre and film – working, both creatively and technically, on a number of published projects for both the stage and screen. He has performed in a number of plays and short films, in addition to having a piece of his own written work performed on stage.

His passion for games and his love of all things ‘filmy’ led him to see a place at the NFTS as a prime opportunity for him to combine his creative side with his more technical side, and he intends to use this to create projects that help to effectively combine the immersion of a compelling narrative with the interaction that games can provide.



I like making things with 3DS Max and Unity, I also sometimes use Blender and Game Maker for personal projects.

I do all the artwork and modelling for my projects, I also do the majority of the coding in C# (but this is an area that I’m still learning 🙂

Darren - photoDARREN NEVILLE

Videogame historian and ukulele enthusiast. I am a London based games design student, currently studying at the NFTS.



As a Spanish / Colombian, I used to live in Spain and in recent years I moved to my father country Colombia, where I studied graphic design in the Autonoma del Occidente University. After studying and working in printed media and corporate design, I decided to move back to Europe to find a new career and life.

Almost two years ago, I learned about the NFTS’ game design course and I started the process to enter the institution in 2013.

I hope to use the skills learned on the course and find work in the UK or Spain working initially for a developer.


My passion in game development lies in experimentation and exploring the possibilities of uncharted territories: coming up with intriguing designs and mechanics, rapidly prototyping and iterating, before hopefully arriving at a unique experience. That is, a lot of my interest lies in experimental gameplay and new play experiences — as perhaps is readily seen in both my graduation project ( Hindsight , a game with unexpected photography mechanics about photographing people’s memories, played via a two-screen setup using both a touch device and computer) and a recent experiment, Silent Protest (a game about Player vs. Community, played via ).

I take seriously the idea that games are an artform and want to be part of the conversation exploring exactly what that can entail, though I am also just as eager to work on projects that relish in fun (for example, Duncan in the Middle , a ridiculous interactive sitcom). I am also interested in games as an educational tool: games that are well-designed and engaging to play, but also impart useful education that persists beyond the screen.

@JohatTweets / @HindsightGame

Paul Dillon cropPAUL DILLON

Coming from a television and film production background I was always interested in how videogames can tell a story.  After working on several feature films and an award winning documentary the opportunity to enter the world of videogames occurred with this MA Game Design and Development course at the National Film and Television School.

I came to the course with zero background in 3D, Animation and programming but I just embraced the surroundings and pushed myself with each project accumulating in the experimental VOCAL: A game that lets you play as a symptom of a mental illness.







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