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My name is Ellie, and back when I was small enough to be granted the luxury of being read to, I was the kind of kid that would always ask to see the pictures. Several years later, I’m slightly taller and have gotten the hang of reading by myself, but my love for pictures hasn’t changed.

With a background in film and sequential art, I graduated with a first class honours degree in Film and Television Studies. I guess you could say I have a definite affection for visual storytelling, and the video games industry is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and innovative visual narrative mediums around today.

I am, at heart, a nerdy, fun-loving big kid, and to me, it’s a simple formula; if stories are fun, and art is fun, and technology is fun, then story plus art plus technology is fun cubed.



1525103_436834779777361_1072654855_n‘My interest in creating games started with modding. I was gripped by the act of exploring, editing and adding to the structures behind the game worlds that I had previously spent so much time playing through.

This continued and grew during my undergraduate degree at the University of Birmingham. Dabbling in 3D software and Unity on the side whilst studying Ancient History allowed me to start creating my own game experiences. Watching my friends play a local-multiplayer mobile game I created was an amazingly thrilling and terrifying experience, one that confirmed that this was the right route for me.

Since starting at NFTS I have aimed to create a wide range of work, exploring both the technical and creative aspects of game development. During the summer of my first year at NFTS I spent a period of time as a production intern at Creative Assembly, working for the Alien: Isolation team. With my dissertation I am currently researching how games can play with social connections between players, encouraging experiments in social interaction.

I am now working on my second year project alongside a number of side projects.


My name is Kai McGilligan Oliver, and I found the NFTS course in Games Design & Development after moving from an education in Physics at the University of Liverpool. I’ve worked at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe as a First Party Games Tester, and have also been a TEFL teacher in Georgia, amongst a myriad of other crazy jobs! However the act of creating games has always been my true passion, and I’m now taking the first step on the pixel brick road to the hallowed cel-shaded city of games design. Very exciting indeed!

I aim to improve my understanding of visual storytelling through a proximity to the film and television industry, and most importantly want to experiment with designing immersion in games and other real-world experiences that bridge the gap between the physical and the virtual.

I’m currently the director and script-writer for an Android app project called “Threshold; Forgotten Futures” that brings interactive, narrative driven audioscapes to UK festival venues, and want to further investigate festival-based fictions (such as the ones present at Boom Town and the Secret Garden Party) and the rather exciting emergence of the mobile technology used to enhance them.


Sam_ProfilePicSam is a Storyteller and Game Designer. He was awarded the first Prince William scholarship in partnership with BAFTA and Warner Bros and sat on the BAFTA Council youth board in 2015.

Enthusiastic about collaboration, morality, empathy and curiosity, Sam has a keen interest in creating experiences that explore these themes. He received an honourable mention in Develop’s 2015 30 under 30 awards and is currently enjoying his second year as part of BAFTA Games Crew.

Trained as a Games Designer & Developer, Graphic Designer and Animator you will find him at the edge of the map looking for a gap in the colliders.




A gamer, designer, adventurer, observer, artist, programmer, builder, sculptor, horseback rider, paper folder, thinker, traveler.

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