Students 2015

 BlaiseBłażej Imiołczyk


Games maniac, graphic designer, traveller and fire dancer that decided to focus on artistic aspects of games after games development course.



 Claudio Pollina


“I was among those people that believed you could SAVE Aerith. I’m among those people that call Kojima, sensei.”

An Endless Story lover who try to pursue the way of the storyteller.



Jameela Khan

  1. There are many ways to tell a story, share an observation or life experience. I’m letting the work choose the medium and look forward to seeing what can be creatively expressed with known and new game mechanics;
  2. In the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions* my educational progression has been as follows: Scientific method=>Film=>Games;
  3. Wellcome Trust Scholar.

*‘The Breakfast Club’ (John Hughes, 1985)

John Lau

As a child, I was chewed up and spat out by a NES over many weekend mornings, and so spent crucial formative years developing a Stockholm Syndrome that I’ve not been able to shake since.

After a philosophy undergraduate degree I spent a few years working in interactive and game production, but wanted to learn the skills to realise my own ideas, and so came to the Games Design and Development course. Like everyone else here I’m fascinated by what games are capable of, and after two years hopefully I’ll be able to put that creative knowhow together with my experience as a producer to help fulfil the medium’s potential.

Laura Dodds

My love of games started at the age of six when my sister put me in charge of pressing the ctrl key to shoot in Tomb Raider.  Now 20 years later, I’m pursuing my dream job of making video games!

From holding my breath as Lara Croft dived under water to falling off my chair sideways on the Oculus Rift, I have always found video games incredibly immersive.

This course gives me the opportunity to work with lots of creative and talented people and to discover what kind of games I want to make.

I want to be part of the games industry’s future in order to create meaningful, challenging and exciting interactive experiences and games.          @laurafbp

Manos Agianniotakis


Emmanouil Agianniotakis has spent his life trying to avoid explaining to people how to pronounce his name.

In his free time, Emmanouil (or Manos for his friends) is working towards a MA in Games Design and Development at the National Film and Television School in the UK.

In previous lives, Manos has worked as book designer, whiteboard animator, educator (in the Greek correctional system, among other places!), a business developer and a research manager.


pictureNaomi Kotler

Growing up, I had an unusual obsession with The Sims. I would play it consistently and had to drag myself reluctantly away from the “other me”. Then came Rollercoaster Tycoon, and then Zoo Tycoon. I’ll never forget the rush of adrenaline I felt when I let my Allosaurus loose in my virtual theme park, eating all of my unsuspecting visitors. Best day ever.

Throw an N64 into the mix, weekends spent with my siblings angrily turning the power button off as the ultimate revenge for losing a game of Mario Kart or Mario Party 3 (which we still play to this day) and stalking away in a huff and there you have it. My love of games in a nutshell.

Comic reader, cookie maker, super gamer and a Warner Brothers Creative Talent scholar.


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