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Adam Comrie


Benita Kvinlaug

10403547_10204702247106115_4713750963862265144_nAs a kid I had this quirky obsession to draw and re-design the locations from my favourite cartoons. As an adult I’ve got this quirky obsession with designing locations. This interest sort of took the wheel and drove me through High School specialization subjects in Fine Arts and Architecture, over to a BA in Set Design for Screen which focused on Production Design, Art Direction and storytelling for screen mediums.

I’m ridiculously fascinated by how a character’s surrounding environment can communicate, support and strengthen both characteristics and narrative. In the final year of my BA, mainly focused on design for live-action, I decided to return to my love of drawing locations for cartoons. Throughout a full year of animation research and practice, I found myself discovering the arts and crafts behind Games Design. Since then, I’ve had this quirky obsession with drawing locations for games.

On the side of my obsession with Art Direction, I’m also a story- and narrative fanatic. Not only does a game allow you to show and tell a story, but lets the audience participate in and experience it. Interactive storytelling is, in my personal opinion, the most exciting way to express a story.

My other obsessions are cats, comics, cookies and Candy Corn.

Twitter: @evybenita

Billy Blake




Dan Stankowski


Gracie Drake 

pic for tony

I’ve always wanted to make games. Every since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated by them and how they are made, a fascination that has only been encouraged by people like my mother and godfather (both of whom work in creative industries and share my love of games as a medium).

There’s nothing else quite like them, and they have a kind of magic about them that I adore. I’ve got a BTEC in Games Design and a lot of various experience in other not-gamey fields, like production design for films and producing entertainment for radio, as well as years of experience as a 2D artist and designer.

I want to build worlds that engage with people, and create fun, challenging and possibly scary/emotional experiences that stay with people the way the games I played as a child stayed with me.

If you wanna drop me a line or see my art or game dev-y things, you can visit my tumblr(s) or my twitter which is @gracierambles.

Jonathan NielssenJonathan



Laurien Ash 


But would you actually want to be a JPEG file?

I work to embody patterns of perception in digital space. Mapping myself in the coded movement of video game topography: I exist as event, structured like an interlaced tetris trap.

I graduated from a Fine Art BFA in 2015 where I constructed video games as art installations, creating physical interfaces to control the digital screen.

I’m here to learn from the gaming industry’s expertise in my fight against bugged logic and glitched terrains: to create a space that is fixed invariably.



Sam Rowett

Sam RHey, handsam.  You want to know about me?  What can I say, I think I’m a rather sample (if winsam) character with sample tastes.  Like samon or balsamic chicken.  Quite flavoursam.  Hm?  Oh, you wanted to know about my love of games?  Okay, let me give you a few exsamples of what I like.

I’ve always been bit into my adventuresam RPG’s, both western and eastern.  I played games like Jade Empire and Tales of Symphonia as a kid and thought their stories were samthing quite special and thus my dream of designing and writing for games was truly born.  I’m also a big fan of action games like Devil May Cry, because it just feels awesam jumping and samersaulting all over the place while slicing up fearsam monsters.  I also rather like my Mario Kart, especially when we’ve got a full foursam competing against each other.  Nobody wants to race by their lonesam.

I know my jokes can get tiresam (just be glad that I’m only using my wholesam material here), so, if you’ve samhow managed to survive for this long, well done!  Stay awesam!