‘Uncanny Valerie’ by John Lau is set in the near future, in the vein of Black Mirror, Ex Machina and Her.

The player takes control of Karis, who has lost her job as a robotics engineer and who has been left by her long-term girlfriend Valerie. She has to pack up her belongings in the house they share and move on in the only way she knows how – by programming Valerie’s consciousness into an android.

As she tries to recreate her lover, Karis realises the power she holds over the robot can be used to iron out Valerie’s flaws, but is left wondering whether the result of her experiments is what she wants at all.

Told through a combination of spatial puzzles, cut scenes and point-and-click tasks, ‘Uncanny Valerie’ is a story about a woman trying to let go of and hold onto a failed relationship.’