The National Film and Television School offers a ground-breaking MA course in Games Design and Development. This course combines NFTS expertise in character creation, storytelling, design, animation, sound, visual effects (and more!) with the input of established games industry experts. This genuinely bridges the gap between the world of film, television and games in a media production environment widely acknowledged as one of the best in the world (the school was named the ‘top overseas film school’ by Hollywood Reporter).

“The student game projects that I saw were imaginative, creative and progressive, pushing forward the frontiers of the interactive form in cool new directions, and telling personal, relevant and entertaining stories. I’m very much looking forward to my next visit!”

- Richard Lemarchand, Uncharted series

"I'm excited for the future of creative industries in the UK if this is the calibre of work that is being produced by the students at the school"

- Phil Harrison, CEO Alloy Platform Industries


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