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Advice on the Application and why you REALLY should apply!

June 1, 2018

Application deadline for entry onto the MA Games Design and Development course here at the National Film School in the UK is on July 5th. This is for a January 2019 start.


If you have any questions about joining the course please let us know. Regardless of the deadline (maybe you are reading this after the date has passed), you never know if we have spaces still available. Very often due to personal circumstances students are forced to drop out. Having your interest logged and an application already with us increases your chances dramatically of being called up for a chat. 


Here's the link to apply: https://nfts.co.uk/our-courses/masters/games-design-development


So why should you apply? Here's the course coordinator, Tony's thoughts...



Well, I could list our successes of course. We recently won the Ukie Game jam. We've had graduates win various awards and accolades, seen their work featured in print, online and on YouTube VLogs, seen projects receive funding and see games sell on Steam. Not to mention our legit great tutors, brand new building and games labs or even all our new equipment. 


I could talk about how after graduating, our grads do go on to work in the industry. A quick bit of maths tells me that at least 90% are working in the Games industry at some level. That's more than decent. Some work for studios, some have created studios, some are freelancers. Even that remaining 10% are still linked to Games in some capacity.


 This is our new building btw. We have the top floor!


Yes, I could easily list our success stories and awards but for me, the best thing about the course is your experience on the course. The friends you make, the people you work with. This matters. It lasts.


NFTS Games is a family. 


 Like any family we eat Christmas dinner together!


In NFTS Games we work with and for each other in order for you to make the best games that you can make. We want you to succeed and, personally, I'll do whatever I can to make that happen. I got your back!


Our output is incredibly creative and thoughtful. It's inspiring. If that's the type of thing you want to make then we may well be the place for you! No background in making games? We don't care! The more diverse your background, whether ethnicity or educational or vocational or orientation or whatever, the better. We want this! The industry needs this! We want to hear your voice, see and play it!


 The grads of 2018 (with producers and marketing students) just after showcasing their grad games for 85k people at EGX. 


By the time you read this, the deadline for applications is a month away, however, in a way, we never really close the door for applications. Yes, of course we fill the course but we are always interested in hearing from you.


As far as applying goes, sure, the sooner you apply, the sooner your application get seen by Alan and the interviewing team. We obviously don't accept everyone onto the course, we don't fill seats because we have to. You earn your way onto the course. It's competitive. We get a lot of applications, and only a small percentage will get onto the course. Even if you get an interview, trust me, you're doing something right! Don't let all this perturb you though. We hope to see as many applications as possible!


Final thing... Never, EVER think that you lack the experience or know how to get on the course! We have accepted students from all sorts of different backgrounds.


We have taken neuroscientists, pie makers, brass sculptors, historians.... if you have stories to tell and are interested in different ways to tell them, we are interested in you! 


Besides, we'll teach you how to code and model and animate! Who knows? Applying could change your life.


 Oh this? This is just graduate, Albert Bentall (left) with Steven Spielberg (um... second from right)  at E3 in LA. No biggie.


There's an FAQ that might answer any questions you have at the top of the page and I / we're always available via @nfts_games on twitter or games@nfts.co.uk to help. Hell, even talk to the students and grads. Ask them what it's like being here. Their opinion will mean more than what I say! Most of them are easy enough to find on Twitter. Just check out our RT's.


Best of luck!





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