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February 13, 2018

November 14, 2017

October 10, 2017

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App Factory module 2017

July 10, 2017

Hi folks. Here are the results of this years App Factory* module!


* App Factory - The students have five weeks to make a game for a handheld device.


Snowfall by Timothy Kaufmann


Snowfall is a fun, fast-paced App game set at the base of a perilous snowy mountain. Our hero, the player, moves from town to town protecting the inhabitants from the treacherous falling snowballs. They must use their trusty wooden poles to deflect the snowballs away; choosing wisely where to place them in order to build the best defence they can. Watch out of ferocious bears and impending avalanches! Earn rewards and upgrades to improve your skills and take on greater challenges.



The Feeling of Falling by Niru Fekri- Arnold


The Feeling of Falling is an infinite faller controlled with touch and gyro controls for Android and supported for PC (with mouse and keyboard). The game takes place in a procedurally generated environment where the player is given limited mechanical interaction based on the colour of the background, forcing them to solve different kinds of challenges with different inputs and techniques.



Grav Man by David Cecil


Grav Man is a puzzle platform game where the player takes the role of the titular Grav Man, and must lead him through 3 distinct levels with fiendish puzzles within to get to the exit. In Grav Man though, the player must manipulate the environment using their device to get to the exit, either by dragging the level with one finger, rotating the level with 2 fingers, or using the gyroscope to change the direction that gravity is going.


Moving through the hustle and bustle of a vibrant city, the dangerous and workmanlike industrial area, and floating around in a space station miles above the planet, the player must navigate past environmental hazards, floating enemies, and gravity changing pads, and solve puzzles including switches and manipulating physics objects all to keep Grav Man safe.


With art from Evy Benita, music composed by Adam Price, and sound design by Jose Pablo Ramirez, Grav Man is a fun, fiendish and absolutely addictive mobile game that can’t be missed!



Egg Royal by Michael Murray


A Two Player Mobile Fighting Game. The Game takes place in a kitchen where Eggs Compete Against Each other Using a card based selection system.



Life's a Beach by Hannah Burdett


Life's a Beach is a simulation of turtle hatching season. Get as many baby turtles as you can to the beach before time runs out. Avoid the crabs, and don't let the turtles reach the road. Good luck!



GetZ Away by Shane Hou


GetZ Away is a 3D top-down multiplayer zombie shooter. It supports up to 8 players in one round. The players need to cooperate with others, find the oil tank on the map and push it near the car to refuel it. After the car being refuelled, they can get into the car and run away. Also, the car only allows two passengers, so conflicts between players are inevitable.




Space Mayor by Joel Marshall


Space Mayor is a lighthearted sci-fi strategy game about running a space-station full of interesting and devious characters. You will make complex and far reaching decisions, but you’ll do so using only binary choices, swiping left, or right, to respond to the concerns of your citizens or the demands of your equals. The game features distinctive visual style which evokes Elite and Battle Zone, which, when combined with the games carefully chosen sound palette, creates a retro-sci-fi aesthetic.


Can you face the challenges of governing in deep space? Who can you trust and who is plotting against you? How long will you be able to stay in power, or even stay alive? When you die will they name an airlock after you? The only way to find out is to enter the world of Space Mayor!



Herding Cats by Daisy Fernandez


Herding Cats is a touch-based 3D puzzle game for the tablet. Players must attempt to prevent a bunch of cats from wrecking havoc in a small Italian quarry by deterring them from eating the catnip. If they do, chaos will ensue...



Bombardier Beetles by AJ Taylor


Battleships with cute bugs.





Let us know what you think! @NFTS_Games


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