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EGX 2017 - Daniel Stankowski

October 7, 2017

My game is called 'May' and is the story of a mayfly's first and last day on earth.


After a whirlwind romance a mayfly couple is struck by tragedy as the females wings break rendering her unable to lay her eggs in the lake. The male mayfly "cheats" death and vows to carry his partner to the spawning lake as the last traces of life ebb from their bodies. Mechanically the game is a puzzle game with four possible solutions to each task. As the player progresses through the day these puzzle solving abilities are taken from them, on-by-one, forcing them to figure out the different solutions. This a perceived "levelling-down" of the character  forces the player to develop less quantifiable skills in order to complete the game.

I was extremely confident going into the event due to the excellent support of the course. I was also very confident in the strength of the games concept and the glowing feedback i had received from people playing it up until this point.

Like everything in life, the event did not go to plan. Due to some poor decision making on my part. I made too many changes, too close to the show which resulted in a numerous potentially game-breaking bugs being present in my EGX build. This was not catastrophic but I really had to do a lot more talking/helping when people were playing the demo.


I immensely enjoyed the experience but was running on fumes by the time Sunday rolled around.

I've learnt so many things about the game itself. It was invaluable play-testing and has clearly directed me to areas of concern within the project. I found out the hard way that too many changes, too close to the deadline, is ill-advised without proper testing. Also, germs are real, kids! Always bring hand sanitizer!


The highlight for me was seeing a player of my game have a single tear run down their cheek and exclaim "it's so beautiful!"


That's a powerful, powerful thing!


 Daniel with Jo Patterson (composer), Eda Karaarslanoglu (marketing) and Odinn Ingibergsson (sound design)



Daniel Stankowski




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