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EGX 2017 - Jonathan Nielssen

October 9, 2017

 Jonathan Nielssen: My game is Falling Sky. A narrative mystery game about two brothers who set off an adventure trying to find their mother. As they are walking and driving around in this sleepy American suburb they encounter some very strange people and follow the cryptic clues they get.


JN: I was heavily sleep deprived heading into EGX but excited about how the game would be received. It is a weird feeling, a moment of truth!


Nik Savov (Producer): I was excited and a bit nervous from the unknown. Having been to Cannes I had an inkling of what type of pressure we might be facing and prepared myself mentally that a lot of talking was to be done. Also, the fact there were quite a few things going on in my other coursework meant I had to juggle things and was a bit tired.


 Zsófi Szemerédy (Marketing): I didn’t know what to expect, really. It was the first EGX I’ve been to and the very first time I’ve ever worked on a game so I was excited and nervous at the same time. Also sleep-deprived!


JN: I am very pleased with the outcome of attending EGX. Great feedback, seeing so many people playing the game is a great learning experience and the game design is really put to the test.


NS: EGX went beyond my expectations and I was really pleasantly surprised. We were blessed with a great project to which the consumers and industry alike responded with overwhelming support and praise. This meant a lot to us and made us extremely happy, especially since we threw so much effort into the making of the game.



ZS: It went better than I’ve ever dreamt of! We’ve got a lot of attention – in a good way. People just kept recommending us, there was always a queue to try the demo. Everyone was amazed by Jonathan’s skills and of what he managed to create in just a few short months. It was an absolute blast!


JN: I learned a lot. Things like, you can never be too obvious when designing a game, I wanted people to go to a tent in the living room, so I put a looping sound source coming from it and a flash light blinking at the player, but it was still not enough!


NS: The gaming community is much more open to newcomers and I did not feel like there was any hardcore competition amongst us. We got support from other developers who recommended us to the people coming to play at EGX and that frankly blew my mind away. I am not sure if this would ever happen at a film festival between different sellers. Totally different community and I loved it.


ZS: I don’t need to order 5000 flyers next time, haha! That’s a bit of an overkill. Bring a coffee machine and hide it somewhere next time. In all seriousness, I’ve learnt a lot about the games audience as a different group opposed to filmmakers (which is my background) and I really liked it.


JN: The highlight was always when someone sincerely enjoyed the game, when it moved someone in a way, that makes it worth all the effort.


NS: By far being placed in top 10 by Eurogamer and The Guardian… but for some reason the thing that keeps putting a smile on my face is the tweet by James Cooper [Lead Designer of Uncharted: Lost Legacy]. NaughtyDog have a special place in my heart and I remember how overwhelmed I was hearing someone like James tweeted about us.


ZS: Obviously, the Guardian and Eurogamer articles, and all the other accolades were astonishing. Personally, I was really happy that a lot of people said they heard about us on social media before, read the press release and just generally love all our marketing materials. It meant we hit the nail in the head and the positioning of the game worked and we found the right audience. That was my aim. So, I’m happy about that. I’m also glad that the PR aspects went exceptionally well.


 Jonathan, Zsofia and Nik.

Jonathan Nielssen




Nik - @Savov_Nikolay


Zsofia - @zsszemeredy

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