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Synthespians module 2017

November 14, 2017

Below are the results of the recent Synthespians module. They are tasked with creating a narrative driven PC game that is a single scene featuring two or three characters. It must feature at least two possible endings that have emotional significance consistent with this years theme: Chaos.


For the first time this year we introduced a VR aspect with every student having an Oculus Rift to develop with. Each student also worked with a screenwriting student to develop the narrative aspect too.

'The Date' by Hannah Burdett


A game about trying to make a date with your ideal woman go well! Unfortunately for you, it won't.


'Cargo' by David Cecil


CARGO is an immersive VR cinematic experience where the player takes the role of a human trafficker carrying people over the Mediterranean. With their crew member by their side, the journey is going smoothly, until their small fishing trawler hits rocks, and begins to sink. With the water and pressure rising, the player is forced to make quick decisions with life or death consequences, in some cases literally... With 4 possible endings and multiple choices for the player to make, CARGO has the potential to keep player's coming back again, seeking to find where their darker sides will lead them.











'Blind Man's Bluff' by Niru Fekri-Arnold


Blind Man's Bluff is an interactive VR narrative experience that places you in the unfamiliar surroundings of a mystery captor's basement. Whilst your situation seems dire, your captor would have you believe that you are being held for your own protection. The player must decide what degree of trust they place in the only other person they have contact with, and how much choice they really have between compliance and rebellion.


'King of Fools' by Daisy Fernandez


‘King of Fools’ is a darkly comic simian simulator wherein players take on the role of a chimp in captivity on Venice Beach in the 80s. Over the course of the game, Milo, the chimp, encounters a number of visitors – not all of whom have his best intentions in mind. Two main interactions make up the backbone of this game. Players have the choice to act either feral or ‘civilised’ and this will influence what sort of ending Milo will receive.











'The Mission that Never Was' by Shane Hou


The year is 1984. You are a Soviet fighter jet pilot testing the newest nuclear strategic bomber prototype above Bering Strait, carrying a nuclear bomb on board. Your engine is failed, and your altitude is decreasing. Time is running out, and you have to find a way to save yourself or the future of the whole world...



'Don't Blame Baby' by Timothy Kaufmann


Don’t Blame Baby is a 3D, first person VR experience set in the everyday kitchen of a young family. Mum and Dad have been passive aggressively struggling with their relationship for some time and looking after their 12 month old infant can be even more stressful. This morning of all mornings, however, things are reaching break point. We watch from the eyes of a child having their breakfast as Mum and Dad’s argument grows into selfishness and negligence. This story explores how parent’s behaviour can impact on their children and how a child’s behaviour can alter the course of events for their parents.


'Purgatory' by Joel Marshall


Take on the role of a help-desk temp in purgatory, choose who to save and who to damn in this short form narrative experience for Oculus VR.












'Countryside' by Michael Murray


The game takes place on a sleepy country side road in Co. Wicklow. You, the player, is taken in by a local after your truck breaks down on a silent stretch. You find out that thing are not as they seem.

'The Briefcase' by Tom Reiffer


Lacey Martinez contracts P.I. Bastien, as she suspects her husband of having an affair. This, however, turns out to be far from the truth.

'Out of Body' by AJ Taylor


The player solves their own murder, by haunting the investigation of their shooting. The player character is a woman who is in a relationship with a Catholic priest. The priest, racked with guilt, shoots and kills the player. The player then inhabits the ghost of the woman, and is present during the interoggation of the priest, using poltergeist powers to prompt the detective into asking the right questions to get the killer to confess.







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