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Meet the NFTS Games Students: Hannah Burdett

March 13, 2018




I have an undergraduate in theatre and creative writing, where I wrote screenplays, theatre, short stories and long form narrative. I also acted and learnt art history. To get into computing I applied to be a Creative Technologist with Raspberry Pi. The foundation sponsored me to develop a project over one year using interactive technology. One aspect of my project was a text adventure, and off the back of that I was accepted to the NFTS.



Biggest personal success on the course?


I don’t think I can define my success in one moment, but I get immense satisfaction looking back at where I was a year ago. I knew very little about making video games but was confident that, if I learnt the skills, I could make amazing games. I have made several games now and my confidence has improved greatly. I never thought I would be making my own art and coding my own games. It’s incredible.





Projects created so far on the course.


Every project deals with learning a different aspect of game development. I made an app game about turtles to appeal to young gamers and teach them a little about why turtles are at risk from humans. I made a cringe-comedy dating game for VR, inspired by Peep Show. I made a cartoon-y game about mad science, to encourage experimentation through play and to represent girls in science.



What do you hope to achieve with the grad project?


My passion is games with purpose and educational games, so I want my grad project to focus on this. I’m making a game about the decline in bee population and how important bees are to humans. I hope to be employed by one of the many companies making purposeful games; designing museum commissions or educational content for schools and educational institutions.



Best thing about studying Games at the NFTS?


It’s a toss up between the people I have met and the excellent teaching here, although teachers are people, so I suppose overall it’s the people. The contacts available at the NFTS are invaluable, and something that is incredibly difficult to garner on your own. The tutors here really care about your success and well-being, and I feel I have support for the rest of my career if I need it.



Follow Hannah's progress on her grad project, Pollination (working title) - @HRBurdett



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