The NFTS is a really creative and exciting environment to study in. I am always finding inspiration in other students work and it pushes me to explore new territory in my own projects

Laura Dodds, Graduate 2017

With a wealth of practical and artistic talent surrounding you the NFTS provides so many great opportunities to collaborate and experiment. It’s certainly a wakeup call to how much there is left to learn about your craft

Kai McGilligan Oliver, Graduate 2016

​Over the three days demoing (at the graduation showcase) I made lots of genuinely valuable connections with new people. The highlight was being invited to a meeting at Sony London Studios and by the end of the following Monday I had been offered a job as a designer at their Soho based studio!

Albert Bentall, Graduate 2014

I had a really fantastic time at the NFTS games design and development course. I met some wonderful people there and learned a lot. The experience I got during my time there was invaluable and I have no doubt I would not have landed a job in the industry without the support the NFTS provided me with

Xander McLeod, Graduate 2014

The course introduced me to important people in the industry, that have helped me in my career, people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise

Bojan Brbora, Graduate 2014

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